One of the most caring, loving things you can do for your family is to leave detailed information which permits them to make the funeral service a personal tribute in keeping with the way you intended.

Making funeral arrangements at the time of loss is extremely difficult for those left behind. When the funeral and payment have been arranged in advance and most of the decisions made, thus sparing uncertainty and confusion at a time when emotional stress may make decisions difficult.

Wouldn't it be better to plan ahead, calmly and sensibly, when you are in a normal mental and physical state, when you have full ability to reason and when you are able to discuss arrangements with your family?

You can relieve the financial burden for your family should you choose to prefund your arrangements. We offer a variety of funding methods for you to select, as well as offering you the option to guarantee funeral home services and merchandise at today’s cost. 100 percent of your funds and growth will always remain in your name and your control. New Jersey prepaid funeral funding laws prohibit any funeral home access to your funds until funeral services are rendered. You will receive annual statements reporting the value of your funds. Should it become necessary to apply for SSI, Medicaid, or General Assistance, your funds may qualify as an exempt asset. Please contact us to provide further information to assist you.

To start the process, you may complete our Online Preplanning Form